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Making Your Home Sale And Move A Smooth Transition

There are many important factors to consider when deciding to sell your home.

The Fundamental Seller's Questions

The decision to sell your home can be a complex one. Here are the basic things to consider to help make it easy.

Where Am I Going?


How Much Will It Cost To Buy Where I'm Going?


How Much Is My Current Home Worth?


How Will Mitch Help Us Achieve Our Goals?


How To Get Started

We Advise You Every Step Of The Way To Get The Best Results Based On Your Specific Goals And Needs.

  • Market Value

  • Preparing For Sale

  • Home Staging

How Much is My Home Worth?

There are many factors to consider when determining the market value of your home.  Some are within the Seller's control and some are not. Examples of these factors are location, condition of the home, timing, market conditions and many more.

As your real estate consultant the single most important decision we can help you make is determining the ideal market value of your home. The right price will attract the most amount of qualified buyers, which will lead to a quick and profitable sale.

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Our Comprehensive Home Seller's Guide

Everything you'll need to know to ensure the most profitable and pleasurable home sale is in this guide.

Home Seller's Guide

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What's Inside:

  • Detailed Step By Step Outline Of The Entire Home Selling Process
  • List Of Common Mistakes Smart People Make When Selling A Home
  • The Importance Of Understanding Your Goals And What Is Best For You
  • Upfront, On Going & Hidden Cost Related To Selling A Home
  • Home Staging Options & Preparing For Your Move
  • Preparing For The Offer Process And Potential Multiple Offer Process
  • Explaining The Elements Of An Offer & Supporting Documents Related To
  • Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

This helpful guide will shed a light on what you didn't know to ask and give you the confidence in taking every step of your home selling experience. 

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