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What's Important To Me

As a father of three amazing kids, and husband to an incredible wife, who also happens to be my Client & Marketing Manager, it does not escape me how important an investment your personal home is to you. That's why I take my time to truly understand your needs and work diligently to make your transition from one home to the next as smooth and complete as possible.

What I enjoy the most in my personal life are time with my family, riding my motorcycle, and trying new and exciting things or adventures.

That's why I take the load off your back with my comprehensive services so you can have more time to enjoy your favourite things and less time worrying about your move.

My combination of professional and personable nature has cultivated a close and lasting relationship with my client base.

I have not only gained friends, but friends so willing to refer my services to others.

As a full-time real estate professional since 1999, I shall provide you with superb service in the areas of residential freehold/condominium, commercial, investment properties and recreational properties.

During that time I have also developed a network of real estate related professionals from around the globe so set your mind at ease regardless of where you move.

I look forward for us to get to know more about each other and help each other develop our dreams!

Mitch Cabrias, Riding Realtor
Mitch Cabrias

But Don't Just Take My Word For It. Here's What My Clients Have To Say...

Thank you for your patience, open-mindedness and understanding. It can certainly be said that not many agents, if any at all, share your trait. So true is this statement that I feel we have developed a friendship. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an agent with "a human touch".

Enio Nicolau


Mitch displayed many commendable qualities, yet it was his proactive style, professionalism and promptness that impressed us the most! He fully explained his sales strategy and quickly implemented his plan and ideas. Mitch was eager to listen to our suggestions and incorporate them to his plan of action. This lead to the quick and satisfying sale of our home!

The Robertsons


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